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Fun & fully-interactive experiences from your own kitchen!

Take cooking classes from the comfort of your own kitchen! We use a live-streaming virtual platform that offers step-by-step coaching & a fully-interactive experience. Refine your cooking skills and make impressive meals in real-time with an experienced chef.


Ask questions and get feedback in real-time.


Your chef can modify a recipe to fit your specific needs, if necessary. 


Refine your cooking techniques and learn valuable skills that will make you a great home cook!

Cook in YOUR space

Online cooking lessons allow you to learn within the comfort and familiarity of your own kitchen

Team Up

Invite friends from anywhere in the world to join in on the fun!

Venture Out

Broaden your taste buds and learn dishes from a wide variety of cuisines such as French, Italian, Korean, Mediterranean, and more.

What our Online Cooking Classes Offer:


Book a class

Choose from a variety of cuisines that are updated regularly.

Get involved

Since our online classes are fully interactive, you can join in on the fun and ask questions to your chef.

Get prepped

Prior to your class, you will recieve a prep packet with a shopping list and quickstart instructions.


The best part! Enjoy your culinary creation and retain valuable skills learned in the class.


Jeremy’s ENCORE events cooking class was simply amazing, easy to follow, relaxing and he helped me make the most amazing chicken dish from scratch. I am a very pedestrian cook…I can make certain things good -but not chef level. He made it seem easy. Providing the list for all the ingredients and the tools needed (which 90% are in your kitchen already). I didn’t know if I would be intimidated by other people in the class, or if I could even “keep up”. Jeremy not only made it simple, he’s so conversational that class was fun, easy to follow and I cooked an amazing dinner for my family. I learned so much that I feel like I could cook this any time.

Thank you Jeremy! I cannot wait for another session. If you are on the fence, definitely give this class a try!! It’s reasonably priced, done in your own home and you will feel like a chef for an hour! Brilliant.

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